Catit’s menu is a degustation menu wihch allows each guest to choose the composition of the menu

Most courses can be served as vegetarian courses

When making a reservation in advanced there is an option for vegen degustation menu


Winter Emotions, Tel Aviv


Two course: 175 nis


Three course: 215 nis


Arava Valley tomatoes, raw sea fish, curd yogurt, black aubergine crème, fresh green peas, dried thasos olives

elderberry flower vinegar, herbs

Sea, Beetroot, Earth
Lightly cured and smoked white bonito, apple, celery, quince crème, liquorice, beetroot macaroon with yuzo aioli

honey and truffle jelly, malt crumble, smoked crème freiche, apple and chamomile consommé

     Parisian “Harira”

Veal neck consommé, fresh calamari strips, mussels confit, parsley rice crème fresh fava beans, cherry tomatoes confit

raw quill yolk, “katayef” filled with chick-pea, Turkish spinach, coriander, garden cress

Ofall by Grandma Masuda
Lamb tongue, lamb brain, seared sweetbread salad, cilantro, lemon, chick-pea crème, poached cauliflower

baladi spinach, black garlic crème, crispy burghul, Yemeni brioche


Sea Vichyssoise
Atlantic Bar baked in sea salt, ratte crème, steamed scallop gnocchi, salicornia, wakame seaweed chips, dashy

crispy fish scales, shrimp and truffle butter brioche

Orange Delight
Grouper fillet, acorn squash in textures, milk foam, pumpkin seed oil, whipped hollandaise, black couscous, tarragon

pine nuts, sunflower seeds

Scents of Winter
Slices of slow cooked veal cheek, organic carrots poached in butter, roasted white cabbage, patissiere gruyere

quince crème, beef stock, tarragon

Passions (+30 nis)
Veal fillet in porchini “dust”, potato and parmesan mille fuille, onion crème, Jerusalem artichoke crème

Normandy butter and herbs cromesquis, veal stock


Black forest 55
Amarena cherries, chocolate parfait, cocoa bean crumble, beetroot tuile Chantilly cream, eucalyptus ice cream

Gesture to Childhood Games 55
Chocolate and caramel crème, polenta, corn in white chocolate, marzipan, goat dulce de leche, Norwegain cheese

caramelized popcorn, condensed milk ice cream, bamba dust

Red, Black, White 55
Candied strawberries, cheese and cointreau crème, desert tomatoes confit, yogurt crumble, candied thasos olives

liqourice dust, vanilla and ginger ice cream

Earth 55
Chocolate, porcini crème, cardamom, tonka crumble, quince white chocolate and truffle ganache, resin sauce

Plateau de fromages locaux 55
Goat cheese from Ofaimme Farm